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Autumn Swatches

A Hub for Tan/Medium-Deep Complexions

BACKGROUND:Sephora's Color IQ belongs to Sephora.  I am not an affiliate of the company or brand.  Autumn archived this information in November of 2020 as a resource for herself and others in the tan shade range. The impetus was Sephora moving their Color IQ shade finder from their website and app but retaining the ability to search by Color IQ.  The Sephora Color IQ provides an alphanumeric categorization of skin tones where "y" represents yellow/warm undertones and "r" represents red/cool undertones.  The number in front of the "y" or "r" indicates the degree of warmth or coolness with higher numbers being to either extreme and 1 representing neutral tones.  The two digits after the "y" or "r" represent the depth of the skin tone from light to dark where 01 is lightest and 15 is deepest.  For instance, a Sephora Color IQ of 4y11 indicates skin that is medium deep in depth and very yellow/warm in undertone.  For the purposes of this site, only the complete sets for depths of 10-11 are archived as the focus of this page is the Caramel shade range.   However, I have also included two of the warmest Color IQs for depths 09 and 12 to accommodate Sephora's miscalculations as well as those who dip in and out of the Caramel range over the course of the year due to gaining or losing a tan.  (Last Archived: 2/6/2021).
INSTRUCTIONS: You can use the table below to search by Color IQ, use the Color IQ drop down menu or browse by brand, line, or shade.


About Me


I'm Autumn, a makeup hobbyist who values efficiency and equality. I have a husband, a day job, and a Sephora Rouge account! (E-mail)

Color IQs: 1y11, 2y11, 3y11, 4y11


Autumn Swatches

A Hub for Tan/Medium-Deep Complexions
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